The Cornerstone Autism Foundation awards grants and sponsorships to nonprofit organizations and fundraising projects that benefit children living on the Autism Spectrum. The Foundation’s geographic funding area encompasses the State of Indiana.

Grants are funds issued for an organization benefitting children with autism. Sponsorships are funds issued in support of a one-time event, such as a fundraising walk or rally.

We award grants to tax-exempt organizations classified as 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, schools, and public agencies. Priority is given to organizations located in Indiana. There are no grant deadlines, and applications are considered throughout the year as needs arise. Grants are typically awarded in various amounts up to $2000.00 so requests should be very specific, keeping that upper limit in mind.

Cornerstone Autism Foundation does not award grants to autism centers or providers of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) services. Numerous funding sources for ABA therapy already exist in the state of Indiana. Our fundraising efforts are intended to help those who do not have access to those funding streams.