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The Cornerstone Autism Foundation is in the business of furthering the good efforts for those who serve, love and advocate on behalf of children living with autism. Check back often to learn about how we are accomplishing our mission.




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Foundation Awards Grant for Sensory Room


Cornerstone Autism Foundation is proud to have been a key donor for the building of a new sensory room at Rise, Inc. Founded in 1965, Rise, Inc. is a non-profit rehabilitation and training facility for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, including autism.

The new sensory room was designed for persons on the autism spectrum. This specialized area includes textile sensory items, furniture such as bean bag chairs and hammock swings, weighted blankets, a touch-screen computer, sensory games and floor mats. This area, while conducive for learning, also provides a calming environment for children that become overstimulated in a more traditional setting.


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