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Grant awarded to FIATS program in Westfield, IN


An elementary FIATS (Functional Independent and Transition Skills) program in Westfield, IN received a grant from the Cornerstone Autism Foundation. The grant was used to buy supplies that would facilitate a structured learning enviroment using TEACCH.

“I would like to thank Cornerstone Autism Foundation for the generous grant recently awarded to me. The Foundation’s mission is outstanding and I am honored to have been chosen as a recipient. Thank you for providing an opportunity to request funds to support students with autism.

I used the grant to purchase free standing office dividers to place between student work stations within my classroom. The dividers provide privacy, defines individual work space and controls noise and distractions. Without dividers, the student work areas are not defined and general classroom distractions can be overwhelming to students with intense learning challenges.

Within my classroom, I use the structured teaching model. The teaching model empowers students to work within their own work stations and complete a series of tasks. The model teaches students to learn what the work is, what they are to do, and what to do when they are finished. The grant purchase allowed me to create designated and divided learning areas and provide an opportunity for students needing a high level of structure to experience success for greater skill enhancement and independence. The work-station dividers allow my students to focus on the purpose of each task by reducing potential visual distractions. Thank you again for the generous financial support!” – C. Grieger

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