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TherAplay Receives Grant For New Therapeutic Listening Program


Recently The Children’s TherAplay Foundation received a thousand dollar grant from The Cornerstone Autism Foundation. The grant allow’s TherAplay to begin a new Therapeutic Listening program at their institute.

Image: Lisa Kobek & David Ide

Therapeutic Listening allows children to listen without judging. Occupational therapists use therapeutic listening to help the speaker change or progress in some way (Link). The program has benefits toward many disorders, and shows promise towards different forms Autism Spectrum Disorder.

TherAplay, a non-profit organization located in Carmel Indiana, is a outpatient rehabilitation clinic for children with special needs. TherAplay incorporates the movement of horses (hippotherapy) and theraputic riding into physical and occupational therapy.

To learn more about TherAplay and their services follow the links above.

To follow their blogs about Therapeutic Listening click the LINK


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