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    Custom Inc. Fundraiser Raises $500 for the Foundation


    At the beginning of March 2021, a Custom Ink campaign was launched for the Cornerstone Autism Foundation. This campaign involved a special Autism Awareness Shirt that read on the back, “Love Needs No Words.”

    From the first day when the campaign went live, the support started rolling in for this cause. It was amazing to see over a hundred community members participating. Not only that, but they also wrote the reasons why they wanted to help this cause.

    By the time the fundraiser ended just two weeks later, 199 shirts were purchased and $520 was raised for the foundation.

    See what some of the supporters had to say on the public Custom Ink website. These testimonials were not solicited by Cornerstone Autism Center:

    Kayla S.

    “My son has grown in so many ways since he started at Cornerstone. He makes more and more progress every day and it’s in large part to the amazing staff at Cornerstone that love on him and work with him every day.”

    Kelsey H.

    “Cornerstone has changed our lives and I will forever be grateful for what they have done for my family and the things they continue to do to help my little one. Thank you Cornerstone team!”

    Marissa Q.
    “I am supporting this because I am a Special Education teacher and I love the work that Cornerstone does!”

    Jasmine B.

    “I support this campaign because I have a beautiful son who has autism!”

    Elisha M.

    “My son goes to Cornerstone. The best choice I have ever made for him. Each and every therapist are amazing with my son. He absolutely loves it there!”

    Mindy C.

    “My great nephew and niece  have made amazing progress at Cornerstone …Thank you all for all that you do!!!”

    Samantha M.

    “Because everyone needs support but also little miss is apart of it.”

    Robyn G.

    “My daughter has been in Cornerstone since she was 4 years old. They have done wonders with her.”

    Randy and Lori B.

    “Our beautiful grandson attends Cornerstone and he is doing so well since he started attending this wonderful school! We are so very proud of him!”

    Kristy B.

    “Cornerstone is the best thing that has ever happened to my son and I will forever be grateful. Thank you so much, I love the entire staff.”

    Kim S.

    “I have a granddaughter that has autism. Cornerstone Autism Center has made a world of difference in her quality of life.”

    Teresa P.

    “Love, Love Cornerstone! They are a big part of our family!!”

    Machelle Y.

    “People I love have autism and I want to support them while raising awareness.”

    Carrie M.

    “Cornerstone has done an amazing job with my grandsons. I will pitch in to support them any way I can!”

    Nicole S.

    “I work at Cornerstone, and I love what we do, so I’m more than happy to support this community.”

    Kim R.

    “We love Cornerstone! We love all the therapists and staff for all that they have done and continue to do for our son! Cornerstone is Gabe’s favorite place to be.”

    Thank you again to everyone who supported this cause and helped raise over $500 for the foundation!

    Learn more about Cornerstone Autism Center’s ABA Therapy here.
    Give now to the Cornerstone Autism Foundation here.