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    Cornerstone Intern Reflects Over Last 2 Months Managing Social Media


    It’s been just a scosche past 2 months since starting my internship at Cornerstone Autism Center and it has flown by!

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    We finished our first official fundraising event for the foundation. The Jerry and Annie Charity Ride went way better than I ever expected. We had awesome volunteers help out, tons of bikers came, and super great support from local businesses. Before the event I had created multiple kinds of flyers, helped gather some of the donations, and passed out flyers to a few of the local businesses. I really got into the creation of the flyers/brochures, discussing revisions, and changing them! Must have been the many years I spent hanging out at my parents sign company coming back to me. I had a ton to do during the event too, so I wasn’t around that much, but I was excited being the “go to guy” for David while it was going on. While the event was going on I coordinated with local companies picking up and dropping off products and I was in continuous contact with police officials when and where officers were to be. It was all awesome and I loved the roles I played in it!

    I haven’t been dealing with just the development of the Foundation either! I have been thrust into the realm of online marketing and social media. Every week I am asked to do more and more with Cornerstone’s presence on the internet. Not what I thought I would be doing originally, and you know what? I TOTALLY dig it! It’s a lot of busy work and makes the days go by super-fast. I am always on the prowl teaching myself about online marketing, researching the complexities of autism, keeping up on current autism related news, picking the best pictures out through hundreds and editing those for photo albums, posting to Facebook and tweeting awesome things I’m sent, saw, and heard for the center and the foundation. All this and keeping the content distinct between the two organizations! Pweh! Lol, words like “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) and “inbound marketing” are constantly spin through my head like insects gravitating to a light.

    Sharing these stories with parents and others on the web has been very humbling, and very rewarding. Every day I see more and more people checking out what is on Cornerstone’s sites. Lately I’ve been excited seeing more and more people commenting on the various sites, and they have very positive and caring remarks.

    Handling the content of the various sites I’ve gotten to delve deeper into the Cornerstone Autism Center. I hear Meagan and David talking about the “culture of Cornerstone”. There really is one here and it is nurtured and praised very highly. I’ve never seen or heard of a place that truly does have this tremendous close knit balance of the company and the staff. It’s probably because companies want to keep business “business” and personal… well “personal”. I mean, I get it. Blurring the lines could be weird at times at work. When I see and interact with the people who work here though, they are truly happy, and many of the coworkers are real friends. I hear laughter from the kids all the time, and the therapists truly enjoy themselves. The lines might blend at times and I think it is well worth it because Cornerstone stays a successful autism center, in large part by having this “culture”. Learning about these amazing ABA therapists, the adorable kiddos, staff that bend over backwards to meet the needs it’s all amazing. And my job is to hear, and see great stories and share them with everyone!