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    Sisters in Style Hosts Autism T-Shirt Fundraiser and Donates $400


    Nikki Reineck, CEO of Sisters in Style, has a son who is Deaf and living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Reineck is passionate about connecting the Deaf community to autism awareness.

    For Autism Awareness Month in April, Sisters in Style developed a t-shirt fundraiser. The goal was to provide autism awareness and donate funds to the Cornerstone Autism Foundation.

    “There are not enough resources for the autistic and Deaf population in the United States,” said Reineck. “I am very fortunate to have Cornerstone Autism Center, with Registered Behavior Technicians and Board Certified Behavior Analysts on their team who are fluent in ASL.”

    In this design by Southernology, the shirt says: “Until all of the pieces fit.” Click here for the link to the fundraising page.

    Universally, puzzle pieces are a symbol of autism, as well as the color blue.

    Even in its first year, Reineck knew this would be a successful fundraiser. They were able to sell 25 shirts and had additional donations sent to them. Sisters in Style donated $10 for every shirt sold. Overall, the fundraiser raised over $400 for the Cornerstone Autism Foundation.

    “I have a huge number followers in my online boutique. They had been following me since I had Brett. So they feel that they can relate to this mission and help him by spreading awareness about autism.”

    Sisters in Style is proud to offer high quality and sustainably-made products from all over the world. We add new clothes weekly. You can wear them during daily basis from being a stay home mom to a working woman. Sisters in style serves all sizes and aims to increase confidence through clothes. We have brick & mortar store in Frederick, MD. Also, we are running online from warehouse in Castleton, Indiana.

    To learn more about this organization, visit