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Wild Goose Chase


What is the Wild Goose Chase?

The Wild Goose Chase is a Greater Lafayette community scavenger hunt. It is played entirely through a mobile app and played in teams of up to five people. Cornerstone Autism Center will be a neighborhood stop!

When is it?

This event will take place June 26 & 27th, 2021. When the game goes live at 8:00 a.m., teams will be able to see all the missions in the app. Then, they c an complete the missions in any order, playing as much as they would like over the weekend.

Can you tell me more about the teams and what they do?

“We had teams last year that were super competitive and went virtually all day and all night, then we had other teams that were just doing it for fun at a more leisurely pace,” said Heather Patterson, KLD Alzheimer’s Foundation Secretary. “With more than 250 missions, there are opportunities to see all the things that make Greater Lafayette so incredible.”

Teams will visit local landmarks, outdoor artworks, parks, trails and businesses. They will earn points for completing a mission that will require them to either submit a photo, video, gps location or answer a question. Each individual mission will specify exactly what the team needs to do.  The game will end at 8:00 p.m. on June 27th and the teams with the most points win Community Treasure Prize packs. These are full of gift certificates and prizes from the businesses that were featured as missions.

What are the incentives to participating?

“Along with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, we give away lots of random prizes throughout the weekend by visiting a mission and giving a prize to the first team we see,” said Patterson. “We will end up giving away over $2,000 worth of prizes that weekend!”

Tickets for the Wild Goose Chase will go on sale Friday, May 14th and the cost is just $30 per team.  There will also be event t-shirts available to purchase for $15.  All the information about the event is found on the website: