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The Cornerstone Autism Foundation is in the business of furthering the good efforts for those who serve, love and advocate on behalf of children living with autism. Check back often to learn about how we are accomplishing our mission.




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Cornerstone Autism Foundation Gives $2,000 to SENSES Indoor Playroom Gym


SENSES is an exciting and safe alternative to typical playgrounds open to children ages 1-6. It is designed especially for sensory play, learning and recreation. This gym is great for kids who have autism, sensory processing disorders, ADHD, Down Syndrome and all children who can benefit from sensory education and recreation. SENSES is a parent-led facility. Parents and guardians are expected to work and guide their children in learning how to safely use the equipment, toys and gadgets. Parents will also help their child engage socially with other children while they experience the various sensory toys, games and equipment.

The $2,000 awarded to SENSES will be used to build their website and Facebook presence online. They will be upgrading and improving their website; and Facebook page


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